Hi, I’m Jacqueline. I guide women in midlife to move from surviving to thriving, to awaken their wild woman within. I do this using a step-by-step proven system, based on the work of Carl Jung.

I believe within every woman is a wild and free, passionate and creative force waiting to be unleashed. This is your wild woman, she’s the aspect of you that’s confident, powerful and driven by natural instinct and drive to make a difference in this world. Once your wild woman has been freed, she regains her inner power, confidence and rises up to boldly step into her true destiny.

So, if you’ve been feeling:

  • Starved of joy, passion and creative fire
  • Exhausted at the end of the day from trying to hold onto a life that no longer brings you joy
  • That you have to please everyone, but in doing so you’ve lost connection to you
  • Stagnant, because what once gave you purpose and meaning is slowly withering away
  • Stuck in repeating patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Like there’s a powerful, confident version of you wanting to emerge, but you just can’t find her
  • You know you could do and be some much more, if you had the right tools to set you free

I’m here to tell you these feelings are normal, it’s a sign your wild woman is ready to awaken. There’s something deep inside of you that wants to be brought out into the light. So let’s find it!

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Permission to Rise

Unleash Your Wild Woman Within
  • First we’ll start by looking at your past, to unlock your hidden patterns and limiting beliefs, which have been holding you from your full potential since childhood.
  • Then, we’ll get 100% clear on who you want to become and the life and opportunities you want to create, so you know exactly what ‘success’ is going to look and feel like for you.
  • Finally, we’ll find ways to create space in your life to work on your vision for life, to turn it into reality. When resistance hits, instead of running away, we’ll use this as a tool so you can learn to become limitless and boldly step into your power and purpose.
  • Because with the right tools, you’ll turn your struggles and self-sabotage into fuel to propel you forwards. And once you deeply reconnect with your wild woman within, you’ll never want to let her go again.

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After Reconnecting with Your Wild Woman

You will experience:

  • A creative life that blossoms
  • Moving from confused to deeper clarity about your vision for life
  • Greater access to your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Reuniting the lost parts of yourself to become whole
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Letting go of limiting patterns and belief
  • Reconnection of your inner and outer worlds
  • A life of balanced work and play that ignites your soul
  • Reasserting your power, confidence and creative expression
  • Developing in ways you never though possible or considered
  • Shifting from surviving to thriving
  • Deeper connection to yourself and others

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You need…


Self Worth & Confidence

Firstly, you need to be able to move away from feeling unworthy or unready to rise to the next level of your life. Instead of being stuck in survival mode, you’ll generate a healthy approach to connecting to yourself, so you can see through the illusion. Once you release the need for external validation you’ll naturally start playing a bigger game in life.

Deeper Clarity

To do this, we will use shadow work. This uses deeper questioning techniques, to side step your ego and explore how your mind is keeping you ‘stuck’ in messages from your past. Once free of the illusion, you can create a clear vision for yourself and your life that’s not governed by your ego and its survival instincts. Instead, you’ll know with certainty who your are and what you want to create.

Purpose & Meaning

From here, we will dive into unlocking your true purpose and how to build an expansive life in alignment with it. To demonstrate courage and powerful creative self self expression so you can move beyond your current barriers and belief systems and know what you’re truly capable of.


Finally, the tools you learn to use will help you gain direction on how to move forwards in life with goals to stretch and energise you. You will stat to steer yourself away from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and repeating patterns. You’ll create a clear map with directions to reach your full potential in your life, relationships and career.

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Success Story

“I have rediscovered my life thanks to Jacqueline. I started without a clear goal, just a feeling of stagnation in my life after a life changing diagnosis. Today is my last session and I’m sending off an application that’s going to put me on the path to a career I’d never even considered. A career that combines my talents, passions and is sparking joy and excitement. When I reflect on this, I can see this career has been calling out to me for decades, but I lacked the clarity I needed to see what my soul has been yearning for.

The exercises which brought about these insights are phenomenal. I’m now able to recognise my ego more often, I can achieve a state of flow more easily and my life simply sparkles with synchronicity. There have been several very uncomfortable moments during shadow work, where I have had to go to places my ego did not want me to go, but these times have been worth it, as I’m now able to nurture those wounds. I find it hard to describe the freedom this has given me. I’m no longer triggered by things that have always made me feel small or enraged. Everything is working out for me. And I now know my diagnosis is not limiting me, I was limiting myself. Jacqueline has helped me feel limitless!”

— Lauren

The Truth is…

You know there’s an unshakeable feeling something has to change in your life. But you’ve tried all the things and you need help figuring out who you really are and what you really want. You don’t want to make costly mistakes or have deep regrets.

I know you’re tired of feeling exhausted, stagnant and unfulfilled. No matter how hard you work or what you try to change, eventually you find yourself back in the same place, feeling the same way.

But you want to feel free & limitless.

Using Carl Jung’s individuation process and shadow work, I’ll give you a clear map with directions to your true self and purpose. You will no longer need to sacrifice yourself or areas of your life, in order to get the abundance you seek. Instead, you’ll create a life that’s in alignment with the most authentic version of you.

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I get it!


I see and hear you, I’ve been there too. I tried everything I could think of to make myself feel more comfortable in my skin. I worked until I burnout. Tried to be Mum of the year and failed. Trained to be yoga instructor, ran off to Costa Rica, read empowerment books, took countless courses and tried to focus on thinking only positive thoughts.

But, nothing I did created lasting change. I always ended back in the same place and each time, it got harder and harder to pull myself back up again. It all just reinforced how worthless I felt inside. This was compounded when my Son left home unexpectedly and I went head first into a ‘dark night of the soul’. As soon as I felt like I was no longer needed, my world as I knew it crashed and fell apart. Who was I now?

This loss of self, led me to start an inner journey to reconnect with the parts of myself I’d pushed away because I needed to be the best Teacher, Wife, Mum etc. I’d been so busy being everything to everyone else, I’f forgotten how to be everything to me.

But, once I found a way to connect to my soul, I could finally breathe. The wild woman, the creative, expressive part of me regained consciousness and rose up.

Now, I share my experiences and knowledge with other women, so they can do the same.

The Biggest Shift for Me

Initially, my biggest shift was realising I had lost my connection to my self, my wild woman. She had been lost beneath childhood and societal conditioning. I thought i had to ‘fit in’ and be liked by everyone and look good whilst doing it. It took a ‘dark night of the soul’ moment to realise this.

But where we stumble, is where we find our treasure.

Once I was able to reconnect to myself and let go of my past experiences, the fears and patterns that were holding me back, I felt unstoppable. Instead of being at mercy of life, I was robust, strong and could rise with dignity. Each step forwards was like taking vitamins for my soul.

In order to reach your full potential, you have to move beyond your ego’s conditioning, which tells you will never be good enough. Your ego’s mission is to make sure you ‘stay safe’ and ‘small’ and only act from your past experiences. So, every time, you try to make lasting changes, your ego will get in your way and try every trick in the book to derail you.

So I trained in individuation and shadow work.

Shadow work set me free. This is because shadow work lets you actually see your ego’s little tricks. Once you move past the traps set out by your ego, you experience a life without limits. There’s no going back to your old way of being after this deep work. Once you’ve made the unconscious conscious, you can only move forwards – you can never unlearn what you now know. This is the path you were always meant to take. The path to YOU.

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Signs Your Wild Woman Needs to be Set Free

Shadow Work Helps You…

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  • Let go of the enormous amount of time, energy and effort you’re pouring into controlling your experience – your job, life, relationships etc.
  • Move away from fear and the human obsession with looking ‘out there’ for the answers. Instead of thinking the world has more power than you, you’ll begin to see how much power you really have to create your dream life.
  • Get’ unstuck’ and find the answers and clarity you’ve always been seeking.
  • Reclaim your power so you can get back in the driving seat of your life and become limitless.
  • Take more time to reconnect to all areas of your life with purpose and meaning
  • Experience more headspace and insight to make the right career, relationship and life choices for you and nobody else.
  • Build deeper and more connected relationships because you’ll finally be in alignment with who you really are. No longer feeling the need to ‘protect’ yourself.

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Rewild Your Soul

Firstly, I use shadow work so you can become free of your ego’s control. Then, you’re able to make conscious choices about your life. Instead of pushing away the parts of you that you want to hide, you work to embrace them. This frees up so much of your energy and headspace.

Rewilding your soul, allows you to reconnect to your sense of freedom and power to design and create your world how you want it.

From here, you can use your newfound energy to reconnect with friends and family, experience deeper relationships or be out in nature or laughing so hard tears stream down your face. It’s in these moments you’ll tap into your inner wild woman, by being connected to the present moment. This is the real you, released from your ego mind – this is limitless living.

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I want more of those moments and less worry. I want to swim in the beauty of the human experience and experience the rich and decadent vastness of it all.

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